Welcome to the Buffalo Wood Zoo!

I assume your curiosity got you here and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. It is one thing to look at beautiful art, or exquisite reproductions like Degas’ ballerinas or the magnificent bronze reproductions of Remington’s horses. The originals are way out our league to buy. The reproductions no matter how nice they are, and they are very nice, are just that- reproductions. You have the same sculpture as thousands of others. With the unique design of my magnificent beasts, every one of them is an original at a fraction of the cost of other artist’s work.

Watch the video documentary of my work here!

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6 Responses

  1. Hello, I was curious to see if you sell your work at wholesale cost to other sites?(I saw your product at Burchfield Penney gift shop)
    I have a visitor center in downtown Buffalo and was thinking of carrying your work. Please advise. Thank you!

  2. The simple answer is yes. I will email you with more info.

  3. I recently came across your buffaloes at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. I am on the Board of Directors of the Network in Aging of WNY which is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals and organizations involved in aging and long term care. Each summer we have a summer event, which this year is a luncheon at the BPAC in July at which we present the Jerry Flaschner Humanitarian Award. Jerry was Editor of Prime Time Magazine and a Board member when he passed away. At the award ceremony we present a plaque or trophy type award and I thought that this year since we are having it at the BPAC it would be nice to have an original piece of artwork . I feel one of your Buffaloes would be perfect. I was wondering if you have or could create a Buffalo on a base that was larger than those with a base for sale at the gift shop. I would need room to put a small gold placard with the award name and recipient’s. The luncheon is scheduled for the end of July – so we have a little time. As I mentioned we are a non-profit organization so I’m limited to spend no more than $50.00. Please get back to me at your convenience. You work is wonderful! Jim Coats

  4. Dear papa,
    I saw the video documentary on youtube about you making the buffalo. You should look at the comments because one of your students posted a comment about you.

    do you still teach?
    Your grandson

  5. Yes Andrew. I still teach. I love teaching and I always did.

  6. Hello,
    How come my favourite uncle didn’t tell me about this site?
    And I don’t have to comment on your animals…you know how much I absolutely love them!

    Love you,
    Your favourite niece.

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