My father’s legacy

Poor man he was, by fate

To work hard, he didn’t hesitate

The choices were mine then,

And he encouraged me often.

Education is the key to success,

It’s the amassment of knowledge you possess.

Silver and gold I never owned.

Cotton, not silk is what I wore.

I do pity the rich, who with all their wealth,

Simply, cannot comprehend my wealth.

I have educated my children.

I have educated you too my son,

I educated you quite well.

Your fate is different than mine.

I got stuck in here, left behind.

Your journey was forced by the tyrants,

But you made a career in a new land.

Share your knowledge with all whom you can.

There is a value in education everywhere.

Sow the seeds of knowledge anywhere.

Sow it; share it with anyone that you can.

That is the greatest measure of a man.

My son, my child, in all eyes, you are a man.

Eugene L Hegedus 2008 winter